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Our Philosophy

Richard Rosenstein is committed to providing superior legal services to his clients in the areas in which he practices. He does this by providing experienced personal attention, adding value, providing economies, and maintaining good working relationships and team building not only with his colleagues in the legal profession, but also with all of his other peers in the real estate industry. For more information about Richard's approach to the practice of law, please download this PDF file.

Richard understands that he is providing a service to his clients, primarily solving a problem or fulfilling a need or requirement of the client.

His goal is to provide his service with care and skill, and in a timely and cost efficient manner, so that his clients and colleagues can focus on their businesses and core competencies.

He brings significant hands-on, real world experience to his practice, not only from a legal perspective, but also from development, ownership and user perspectives. In short, he understands the client side of the relationship.

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