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Commercial Real Estate

For over 30 years Richard Rosenstein has concentrated his law practice on a full range of real estate and related matters, including matters relating to the acquisition, development, financing, construction, leasing, management and sale of real property assets, and the interests of various participants and stakeholders.

Richard has represented developers, corporate and institutional clients, governmental agencies, professional and service organizations and individuals as owners, sellers and purchasers, landlords and tenants, subtenants and assignees, lenders and borrowers, brokers and contractors in respect to real property assets, interests, requirements and issues. To view a list of projects and clients of note, please go to the Portfolio

A significant emphasis of Richard's practice relates to commercial leasing and building management and operating matters.

  • In Richard's commercial leasing practice he regularly works on office, retail and industrial leases, sublease and assignment matters, ground leases, build-to-suit projects and sale and leaseback transactions, and

  • represents all of the various parties having a stake in building management and operation and the landlord/ tenant relationship, including landlords, tenants, subtenants, assignees, lenders, brokers, property managers and contractors.

  • During his career Richard has represented landlords, tenants, subtenants and assignees in the negotiation, documentation and administration of hundreds of leases and subleases totaling millions of square feet of space in individual transactions ranging in size from less than 1,000 to more than 800,000 square feet.

  • For more information about Richard's landlord/ tenant and building management practice, please download this PDF file.

In addition, Richard Rosenstein has substantial experience in the negotiation, documentation and administration of economic development incentives such as TIFs, tax abatements, PILOTs and IRBs. Between 1996 and 2001 Richard consulted on economic development matters and incentives for clients on projects budgeted in the aggregate in excess of $1 Billion, and worked on economic development matters with state and local government, government agencies and public/ private development partnerships in over 40 states. To view a list of projects and clients of note, please go to the Portfolio.

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